Home again – naturally

Hello everyone, I am sorry I have been home for over a week and I am just getting around to posting. I’ve been busy getting caught up and back on my normal schedule. The trip home was a miracle as far as I am concerned. In Delhi the airline tried to get me to stay […]

New Delhi

Hi all, I am at the airport in Delhi, waiting…………………. for 8 hours for the next flight. But at least there is a next flight and ON TIME. Praise the Lord, He is so good to me. It looks like I will be home on schedule. I am looking forward to a Culver’s burger in […]

Flying out of Dehli tomorrow

I am hoping that my flight goes as planned tomorrow. Check for a postingĀ  Thursday for an update on my adventure. It may go longer than I intended!! Dan

Day trip

Yesterday I went into the mountains for a day trip. I have a new appreciation for US roads!! It was like a roller coaster ride without the safety features. Many times I looked down 100+ feet and I mean right from the vehicle. And the road at times didn’t look wide enough for one vehicle […]

Looking forward to home

Dear family and friends, as you can guess the last week or so has renewed my appreciation for the USA. I thought I never took “home” for granted until the last few days. The last 10 days or so has given me a new insight in to just how good we have it in the […]

Sunday is last day of ministery

Hello all, I ministered to local church leaders and Pastors and many of the church today. It went well, but I sure think it could have been better. At times I feel I have not given everyone the quality of ministering I should. I keep reminding myself this is the first trip and I am […]

Going down the final stretch

Hello all, I have just a few more days left here it is going fast. I will be ministering two more times, tomorrow to a leadership conference and Sunday to the local church. Please pray that I speak what the Father wants to to say. The leadership conference is a gathering of the local believers […]

Quick post

Hello family and friends, I have been ministering to the youth at the Bible school the last two days. There are about 8-10 coming to class while I am here. The first day I used a CD from Rhema where Doug Jones talked about walking in Christian love and how it is different from the […]

Roughing it – 2nd posting today

Well, I’ve had a tough time posting the last few days. Between the power outages, internet outages, and the Internet Cafe being closed, it has been hard to keep you all informed. I have been writing the postings in my hotel room before I go the the Internet Cafe to save time and not miss […]

Three days of teaching children

Hello family and friends, I have just finished three days of teaching the children. It was a special program where they sang for me and I taught them, I know it was a nice break from normal classes for them. There were about 83 children there everyday. It was three sessions with songs before each […]